History of Triathlon: 1992

Triathlon’s inclusion in the Olympic program just the prior year made the endurance sport even more popular. In 1992, the first ever championship competition in the most populous continent in the world was staged with the help of the sport’s official governing body International Triathlon Union (ITU). The year also saw the participation, not only of professional endurance racers, but of amateur triathletes who will later become prominent names in the sport.

First Asian Triathlon Championships

Triathlon may have become a widely popular multi-discipline sport but it was not until 1991 that an overall governing body was established in Asia. Through the initiative of then International Triathlon Union (ITU) President Les McDonald, the Asian Triathlon Confederation (ASTC) was created, with representatives from China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and India taking the key leadership positions.

In 1992, the first ever Asian Triathlon Championship was held in the City of Hasaki in Japan. Nine countries namely China, India, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, and Singapore took part in this ITU-recognized race.

The year’s notable triathletes

Hunter Kemper

Hunter Kemper has been competing in triathlons since he was young. In fact, he dominated the IronKids Triathlon National Championships consecutively for five years since he was 10 years old. In 1992, he took the first prize at the USA Triathlon National Amateur Championship which was held in Cleveland, Ohio.

Hunter Kemper has certainly carved a name for himself in the history of triathlon. As of 2012, it will be his fourth year to represent the United States of America to the Olympic Games. In fact, Hunter Kemper is distinguished for being the only triathlete to make it to the U.S. Olympic Triathlon Team for four times, representing the country consecutively since the sport’s debut in the 2000 Olympic Games which was staged in Sydney, Australia.

Hunter Kemper (image via www.teamusa.org)

Mark Allen

In 1992, professional triathlete Mark Allen takes home his fourth Ironman World Championship gold. This competition in Kailua Kona was memorable as he broke his personal record, completing the race six seconds earlier than his 1989 finish.

Charlie Futrell

Charlie Futrell, a retired public school teacher who hailed from Montgomery County, Maryland, competed in his first ever Ironman World Championship in Kailua Kona in 1992 at the age of 72. In this race Charlie Futrell finished with a time of 15 hours, 35 minutes, and 23 seconds, placing 1st in the United States and 3rd overall for his age group category.


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